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Laser cutting service and engraving Perth. Various materials, including Plastics, Timber / Wood, Composite material, Rubber, Silicone, Fabrics, Cardboard,Glass, metals and many more.

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Plastic machining and Welding

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Why laser cutting?

Laser cutting offers so many advantages over the CNC Router. To start things off, laser cutting delivers a wide variety of edge finishes, including a smooth, glass-like transparent edge which entirely eliminates finishing and buffing time. You can also say goodbye to flame polishing.

Secondly, a focused laser can produce very narrow and intricate cut lines, with no loss of detail. Having a very tight radius (as small as 0.005 inches), which enables the production of very sharp edges and angles, as well as the ability to cut and etch very fine features.

The laser is a high speed production tool, which out classes the router in so many areas. With next to no waste or damage from moving parts. , With high speed production, no damage or waste, the price for laser cutting comes down and is affordable for everyone.

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Design and Drafting


At CNC TEK we have been designing technical drawings and graphics for multiple industries. Some of these include mining, marine, automotive and the tech world. Designing custom and image specific parts and accessories. We offer a full service which includes CAD drawing and graphics work. Pen and paper drawings to digital files that can be professionally used for any circumstance. For more details please get in touch with us today.



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